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File Manager SkyDrive Explorer for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

Currently Microsoft haven’t developed any native SkyDrive application for Blackberry 10 customers, and many users need to sideload its available android app onto the Z10 or q10 smartphone if there is a lot of data on this Cloud drive. Now the AlefSoft have released the Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive which offers a simply way to manage your SkyDrive account conveniently and easily. Continue reading

END CALL option grayed out in Q10 OS 10.2

I have installed the software update 10.2 on my blackberry Q10 and get the problem with making outgoing phone call. When I try to call somebody and the receivers phone keeps ringing, I want to disconnect it and notice that “END CALL” option is grayed out. And the red led on the top left also keeps blinking and then the Phone gets stuck for about 5 mins. Rebooting the device doesn’t fix the issues. How can I get rid of that? Continue reading

Q10 Camera makes SD Card unreadable issues

I have a Memorette 32GB MicroSD HC SD card that stores my pictures and video. I run chkdsk command to scan it without any error. I use it on my Q10 runnnig OS and it works fine. However, when I open Camera app to snap a photo and click the thumbnail in the bottom left, it return back and thumbnail just losts. Then I nitice that everything becomes un-viewable on the SD card and all folders are showred as single files within File Manager. Continue reading

Cannot install .crt root Certificate on Q10

I have got problem with fail to install Deutsche Telecom root CA 2 Certificates onto my new blackberry Q10. I have connect the smartphone with my Windows or Mac computer via USB and copy those .crt extension files onto the ‘cert’ folder on the phone. It seems that the system has imported those certificates but I can’t see any of them in Security and Privacy > Certificates. But it is easy to do that on my Bold 9700. How can I get rid of it? Continue reading

Blackberry 10 Privacy app blocks unwanted/Spam SMS

Are you always getting unwanted sms on your Z10 or q10 smartphone and would like to find a app to control spam sms automatically? Now the Max Secure Software have launched Max SMS Spam Blocker. The privacy app not only helps you block them based on their own Content, Keywords, or Phone numbers, but also clear of junk messages within the Hub. Continue reading

Incoming calls unknown name for work contacts on BlackBerry Q10

My BlackBerry Q10 is running the OS version 10.1 and I always get such problem. Everytime I receiving a call from any of my friends, the phone number is displayed correctly but the caller’s name just show as “unknown name” no matter I unlock or lock the work space on my smartphone. How I can fix the issues? Continue reading

Auto-signature resets to default text after 10.2 upgraded

I have setup my own email signature for my gmail account on my Z10 10.0 smartphone and everything worked fine. However, after upgrading to BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, I notice that the Auto Signature setting reverts to the default text message. My friend’s Q10 also get the same issues. Continue reading

Fix Blackberry Z10 Memory Card issues after update OS 10.1

My Blackberry Z10 worked fine with OS 10.0. However, after updated to software 10.1, I face some memory card issues while using the phone. I have a class 4 scandisk 32 GB card and it can be readed if I go to Setting > storage and access, but there is nothing when I go to music, pictures, and videos. Sometimes the memory card finds them and I try to play the music or view photo but get error message on the screen. Continue reading

Q10 SMS/MMS text message area not enough and just display the top

I have got the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone running OS and the screen has worked quite well generally. I haven’t changed any setting. However, when I go to compose any of SMS or MMS text messages and enter more than two lines of text, it has the limited area for viewing messages and that make it become unreadable. Now the bottom half of the third line always be cut off and I can’t see the full line of text. Continue reading

Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 creates memos and to-do lists

BlackBerry 10’s built-in Remember app doesn’t offer easy note taking solution. if you are looking to take a quick note, rely on lists, calendar reminders on the Z10 or Q10 smartphone, the Corky Notes could help you save the lives from becoming a total chaos without using piece of paper. Continue reading