Turn off facebook notifications on Z10

I have signed in using my own Facebook account on BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. But suddenly my BlackBerry keeps being bombarded with Facebook notifications, like “has posted a link” or “updated their status”. These silly notifications com every two or three minute and drains my battery down quickly. How can i turn off it without receiving them in the BlackBerry Hub on my phone?

How to Change your Facebook notification options
* From Home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
* Tap Settings > Accounts, and then seelct “Facebook”.
* Set the “Enable Notifications” switch to Off. If you also want to stop receiving Facebook messages, change the “Sync Messages” switch to Off. Then tap Save button to apply the changes.

If the settings were set to off and still face with the problem, try the way to solve the issue:
* On your pc, Login to Facebook, and select your “Close Friends” group on the left hand side.
* Select notifications in the top right hand corner, and set it to OFF.

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