How to delete suggested mail addresses on Z10

When you start typing a recipient’s email address in the To: field of an email, blackberry 10 OS will remember it by the Auto-Complete list. However, if one of your friends or several changed email addresses, the Mail app stubbornly auto-completed his old and defunct address. How to delete old suggested addresses from the lists when one composes an email on Z10 or Q10?

Many users are interested in finding out how To remove or delete an suggested mail addresses on BB 10 OS. It is very annoying and highly damaging for me to see spam mail addresses in the suggestions. However, it is no way to No way to get rid of them, becasue the email addresses are coming from every email message you receive.

I am frequently get a one address, but it is not in my address book and I have never received from it on my Z10. And the nI notice that it might comes from my previous BlackBerry Bold devices or the auto BCC address. Has anybody found a way to not get it dragged from the filed?

3 thoughts on “How to delete suggested mail addresses on Z10

  1. ag99

    I would like the answer to this also — it often sends email to the incorrect address and this needs to be fixed immediately. I want to delete ALL predictive email addresses on my Q10.

  2. caspar

    I have the same issue. It also does this if you once type an email address incorrectly. The email won’t be delivered but the prediction function keeps suggesting it instead of the proper email address.

  3. JR

    BlackBerry really needs to get “their shit” together…it is just such poor service to have problems out here and never see fixes even attempted.
    Their is Zero accountability with regards to acknowledging mistakes. Sounds familiar like in our old house on Pennsylvania Avenue.
    If a user posts a flaw in the programming…how hard is it to have the IT guys grab them within 30 days and start working on the fix. Its NOT HARD AT ALL.

    For some people today the simplest of moves becomes too difficult.

    So tired of being shackled to BlackBerry and the forever sinking ship.


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