Extract contacts from backup .bbb file with Z10

I have backed up my blackberry Z10 phone into .bbb format file using BB link software on my Windows 7 computer. Now I would like to extract all contacts from the restored .bbb file and go to print my contacts. However, I try the Magicberry software with “can’t concatenate file” error and also use Elcomsoft Blackberry Explorer with “unable to find neither .ipd file nor .dat files” message. Is that any way to resolve the problem?

You can not do that with Z10 officially. For Security reasons, blackberry don’t allow anybody to access your own data and stuff. The *.BBB file is a simple *.ZIP Format Archive, but it requires the other three *.TAR Archives which are encrypted and based on your PC Machine Code and personal PIN.

In another way, there are unofficially some tools created by someone for that while you get serious Restore Problems with BB Link. But it is not a security to unlock the files.

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