Z10/Q10 BBM Ping not vibrate issues

Ping a contact in the BlackBerry Messenegr is almost like a Buzz in Yahoo Messenger. It is use to get the attention. On my curve 9300 device, if I ping someone in BBM, the other person’s phone will vibrate while receiving the word PING in red unless it’s set to silent mode.

My BB 9360 can send/receive pings from other users. However, I notice that the BBM is not vibrating on my BB Z10 or Q10 phone when my friend pings me a contact. Sending othere different types of files to BBM contacts works fine, such as my location, events and pictures, except the Ping. There is no such option to disable the “vibrate” feature.

Many users are missing this feature and there is still no solution and BBM need software update to fix it. The vibrate on ping function does make BBM worth. Hopefully blackberry fix the problem soon to make it right.

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