Non-camera Blackberry Q10 phone version

In our company, my job doesn’t allow me to use a camera phone during working. Currently I have a non-camera Blackberry Bold 9650 and would like to use the new Blackberry 10 OS. As I know, Blackberry Inc is committed to the business world. Do they release a non-camera version for Q10 model. Where can I order the special version from store or specially ordered via a carrier?

Charles Dufourcq is Singapore’s BlackBerry director. According to he, it is technically possible to release a camera-less BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. However, there hasn’t been any leaks of that nature since now.

To produce non-camera Blackberry 10 phone, a new manufacturing line need to assemble said device and BlackBerry 10 have to remove the camera feature from the OS.

There are definitely policies in BES to restrict the camera or disable it completely. Although you can disable the camera in the policies, there are workplaces which insist on having no camera physically present.

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