How to setup Cogeco email on BlackBerry Z10

I have setup my email address through Cogecoon my BlackBerry Z10. but I am unable to send emails no matter I’m at home or on the road over Rogers wireless network. Rogers said that Blackberry has been changed something and that make Cogeco not working with Rogers. Is there any way to resolve the problem?

The email issue is with Cogeco, not with BlackBerry. You could try the following steps tip to integrate a Cogeco email on a BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
* From home screen, swipe down to bring up the menu.
* Tap on Settings. Go to Accounts > Add Account > Email, Calendar and Contacts.
* Choose “Advanced” from the bottom of the screen.
* Select POP option, and type the settings like this:
Username: Your-Cogeco-name
Server Address:
Port: If you turn “Use SSL” to Off, change it to 110 port.
SMTP Username: leave it blank
SMTP Password: leave it blank
SMTP Server Address:
SMTP Port: if you turn the SMTP Encryption to Off, change to “25”.
* Touch Done button to complete the setup process.

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