Delete emails on Q10 phone but not off email server

I have setup my outlook mail account in my BlackBerry Q10 and everything works fine. However, I am facing the strange problem. Everytime I read new message and go to delete an e-mail on my smartphone, it aldo deletes it off the email server automatically.

I and my friend have setup the same e-mail address on my Q10 and his Z10. If my friend deletes the email before I view it, I will don’t known my account has received such e-mail. When I used a torch, I was able to configure deleted emails off my phone or off the phone and server. Is there any way to keep the e-mail on server and just delete it off the phone?

Currently there is no option and no “solution” to the hard deletes. You could change your accounts from IMAP to POP on all of your clients, and that will leave the messages on the server. That works greatly for me on my Q10 smartphone.

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