BlackBerry 10 Antivirus Software for Z10/Q10 download

BlackBerry 10 is known for the security of their software and systems. I trust the platform, but I still would like to install and use Antivirus software to prevent, detect and remove malware on my Z10 or Q10 smartphone, like on my Windows computer. Can you recommend any free or paid top rated virus protection programs for BB 10 OS?

Max Mobile Security by Max Secure Software is the world’s first AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10. The app bring up high standards for quality and performance onto the phone and protects you from many things, such as scan Sideloaded Malicious run-time apps, Malware files harm devices when yuo connect the Z10 to the Mac or Windows PC.

Now I have full peace of mind. I am able to configure quick scan, full scan and custom scan. It get max Max Secure for me. However, I Can’t upgrade the database and keep getting network error. Hope Develop fix the issues.

Purchase Max Mobile Security with $9.99 from app world to download it.

3 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 Antivirus Software for Z10/Q10 download

  1. harry boaful

    my blackberry z10 is not working properly its has been opening icons on its own and when is on its open a folder or apps on its own so please help me solve this problem.


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