Android Apk-to-Bar Converter App Worked by BlackBerry

You might want to side-load Android apps onto BlackBerry 10. BB 10.2 not only support the Jellybean Android 4.2.2, but also is working with most of Android 2.3.3 apps. That should be benefit the company a lot with support from many developers such as Amazon, Skype and more.

To get started, you need to involves extra steps by installing new Android SDK (4.2.2) on Windows PC and using software to to convert Android .Apk into BlackBerry .Bar file.

According to Gadget Masters report, BlackBerry is working on Android-to-BlackBerry App Converter for BB Z10 and Q10 smartphone, so users bypass side-load process and instantly access the hundreds of thousands of Android apps using this converter. This will be good idea and become more friendly, but I am still want to have native apps with the same experience.

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