Sideloaded Android apps working on BB z10 list

You can download Android apps as .BAR files from websites, and follow the sideloading Instructions for PC and Mac computer at your own risk. However, some of the apps fail to run on the blackberry Z10, so here is the list of sideloaded apps that are confiremed working on z10 smartphone.

* Must haves:
Skype, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, PayPal, GetGlue Mobile Launcher, Google Maps 6.14.3, Tumblr, SnapChat, PayPal ,Google Voice
gReader (Google Reader App), Onion News Network
Skydrive ,skydrive, Crackberry, Google Maps, AMazon Kindle (may not work), TweetDeck, Evernote 4, Flipboard v1.9.26, Facebook Page Manager, Moon Reader, Flickr, Line 3.5.0, uTorrent Remote
Winamp, Grooveshark, Tumblr, TED Talks ,TuneIn Radio ,Dropbox, Box, Kobo

Beatport, Google Translate
Indian Rail Info, Mango, Amazon App Store, Access to insight, ABN Amro, Google Maps 6.14.3, kik, GetGlue, Star Trek Tricoder, UberSocial
BigRoad 2.2.4, Recap+ 1.12, Weigh Stations 1.8
Axle Weight Calc 7.2, TicketMaster 1.3.1
Jabber IM ,Square Register 2.5.5, AlpineReplay Ski & Snowboard 2.2.0
CellAtlas 1.5, Einstein’s Logic Lite 1.1.8, POF Online Dating
Poynt 2.0.2, OnStar 1.6.1 ,SoundCloud 2.4.5
Steam, SugarSync 3.6.2, SwingByte, Truecaller – Global directory 3.03 Kinda, Twitter 3.6.0, Urbanspoon, Engadget
Joystiq, Wallbase, Pocket, The Verge, Wells Fargo
GTasks, SpeedTest, Montreal Transit, Scope (updated Version
CryptoCard MP-1, Motor Trend, British Airways
The Sabbath App, The Bible, EGW Writings, Sabbath School Quarterly,, Honeywell Total Connect Comfort, Logitech Alert, Decible Meter, Steredose, MP3 downloader
Kaiten Mail, Playbook Youtube App, PogoPlug, Poynt, Google Translate, Twitter 3.6.0, aTorrent, OnStar, Questtrade IQ, Crackle, DB Tickets

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