Setup BlackBerry Enterprise Activation on Q10 or Z10

I have just received a new BlackBerry Z10 today Running OS 10.0. I use BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 10 new software, but I can’t any BB Enterprise Activation option. How can I make BlackBerry Enterprise Activation on Z10 or Q10?

First you need to get assistance with setup and password credentials by contacting your BES Administrator.
* Swipe down form the top of the home screen.
* Tap Setting > Accounts.
* Tap “Add Account” at the bottom of screen. If it is not available, tap “Email, Calendar and Contacts.”
* Type in your Email Address, touch Next button in the upper-right.
* Input the Activation Password, select Next. Wait for several minutes to complete the activation process. If it prompted for “Password” (not “Activation Password”) screen, you’d better get help from your BES Administrator
* In the “Replace your work space?” screen, type blackberry in the text field, tap OK.
If you don’t get the above screen and it ask “Do you want to Add or Replace an existing device?”, select Add or Replace option which is appropriate for you.
* In the “Welcome to BlackBerry Balance” screen, tap OK.
* Enter a password in the “Create Work Space Password” screen. To view password requirements, select “Password Rules”.
* Check “Set as device password” box to utilize the created Work Space Password as the device password.
* Select OK.
* Enter your email address password and select Save button.
* If it ask you “To switch between your work and personal space, drag your finger down on the middle of the home screen and tap Personal or Work”, tap OK.

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