Setup ActiveSync Account on BlackBerry Q10 phone

Currently, ActiveSync on BlackBerry 10 devices provides a full push solution fastly and easily. Q10 smartphone has the ability to synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes Traveler, Novell GroupWise, Hotmail, Microsoft Office365, or Google Apps. Here are the tips about how to add an ActiveSync enabled account on your BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone.

* From home screen, swipe down from the top of screen to open the panel.
* Tap Settings > Accounts.
* If you fisrt setup the account, tap on the Advanced icon which is locating at the bottom toolbar.
If you have already used others, tap “Add Account” > Advanced.
* From the Advanced Setup options, tap “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” and type in your mail information, the required things include below: Username, Email Address, Password, Port, Server Address.
Note: the port is 443 by default. Other fields are all optional.
* Once you’ve done, tap Next > Done.
* I have setup ActiveSync on my Q10. Compared to my BES on BlackBerry 9800, it runs really slow and takes a long time to send and receive mails.

2 thoughts on “Setup ActiveSync Account on BlackBerry Q10 phone

  1. Shaggy008

    Thanks for this post. User at our company have been getting the Q10 and Z10. No issues with the Z10 so far, however the Q10 has been a nightmare. Users have to reboot their phone anytime they want new emails. It will work for a short period of time, then bang, no emails come through. Blackberry need to fix this issue, fast!!!


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