How to Setup Evernote syncing in Q10 and Z10

Evernote is one of my most used applications on my previous blackberry smartphone and playbook tablet, but currently there is no such app in Blackberry World. You might think the BB 10 Os is lacking of this feature, but Evernote is built-in into Q10 and Z10.

If your are a Evernote user, here are the tips about how to set up Evernote in your Blackberry Q10 and Z10.
* From Home screen, swipe down from the top. Tap Settings > Accounts > “Add Account” at the bottom
* Select “Evernote”, touch Next, type in your Evernote username and password, tap Next.
* Check “Sync to Remember”, configure other settings, and tap Done.

* Return to the home screen by swiping up from the bottom of screen.
* Tap on the “Remember” icon. Your will see Evernote notes displauying whitin the Remember app.
* To create a new notebook, tap “New Folder”. To create a new note, Tap “New Entry”. To sync your data between your BlackBerry and Evernote, select “Sync to Evernote”.

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