How to remote access computer file on BB Z10 10.1

One of the new hidden features within BlackBerry 10.1 is to use BlackBerry Link to access your Windows or Mac computer’s work and home files from your BB z10 or Q10 smartphone over the cellular or WiFi network. You can do that by native file explorer that is also included microSD and Dropbox storage functionality. It also help user sync media and documents with your device.

How to access your PC files from your BlackBerry Z10 device
* Make sure your phone have been updated to OS 10.1, and your PC has installed the latest version of BlackBerry Link.
* On your computer, sign in Link using your user ID and password, go to Setting by clicking the little gear at the top, and then “Remote File Access” tab. Select the device you want to grant remote fileaccess to, and also setup the share folder with remote device.
* Go back to your Z10 phone, swipe down from the top of home screen, tap Setting > BlackBerry Link, set the “BlackBerry Link” to ON. If you need to use the feature over 3G/4G, check “Download Files Over Mobie Network” box. Then go to make a pairing.

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