How to add/edit APN settings on Z10 10.1 OS

Configuring APN (Access Point Name) Settings can let you establish the direct connection on your BlackBerry phone to the Internet via your data plan. If the APN settings aren’t correct, you can’t do a lot of tasks, such as browser website, receive multimedia message services, and use IM apps. Now the APN editing is enabled On the BlackBerry 10.1C SDK OS ( OS, but the feature may remain carrier based.

How to edit or add APN settings for data services on your BlackBerry Z10 oe Q10 10.1 OS
* From Home screen, swipe down from the top of screen.
* Tap Settings to access the system setting. And go to Network Connection > Mobile Netowrk > APN.
* In the next screen, touch each text field to type in the APN, username and passowrd provided by your carrier. For example, Rogers:, Username=wapuser1, Password=wap. Once done, touch the Save button at the top to apply the changes.

One thought on “How to add/edit APN settings on Z10 10.1 OS

  1. yochyl levy

    I can not edit and change the apn settings on my b10 when i entere to the apn settings and try to type my correct APN, username and passowrd provided by my carrier it dose not allow me to type anything .so no mms and no browsing and no internet conection. how can it be solved. the wi-fi work fine can i change the apn throwgh wifi or an outside computer by remont control


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