Cannot delete Facebook notification from hub on Z10

After installed the OS updates, I can not delete or clear the Facebook messages on the Hub anymore. It happens with remove one at a time, or by holding the date to select multiple ones to delete. I clear eight whole messages that I have on Twitter, but they will re-download to Hub and no way to get rid of those.

I can’t delete voicemail notification either. AfterI listen to a voice mail and try to remove it, the notification with message stays there all the time.

If you have the same issues on your blackberry Z10, try the tips to temporarily get it working.
* For the facebook problem in Hub, Uninstall Facebook from BB appworld, go to Setting to delete your facebook account from settings, restart phone, install Facebook app and singn into your account.
* Delete the current voice mail number, reboot your phone, then re-enter the current voice mail number.
* Delete the existing voice mail number. If you are on Network EE, go to replace it with 222.

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