BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone device driver download failed

My computer is running Windows 7 OS and I have installed BlackBerry Link software. When I connect my Z10 to PC via usb cable, the desktop manager of bb link always fails at the Installing BlackBerry Smartphone Driver. Is there a way to fix the issues?

* Make sure you have turned off your firewall or antivirus software, or disable the UAC completely. Sometimes it popes up in the background to aske permission to do something, so the link can’t load drivers into Windows system.
* If you still can’t mount your z10 on laptop or PC, try the following step by step.
Boot your Windows 7/8 into safe mode, go to Control Panel to un-install Blackberry Link cleanly.
Then restart the computer to start fresh with it. Download the software to install it again, and everything should work fine.

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