Blackberry z10 can’t connect to WiFi network

After set up my home router, the Wi-Fi shows in the list on my Blackberry z10 but the smartphone can’t connect to WiFi. I open browser app and there is still EDGE at the top of screen. My computer access the some network and works fine without problem. Any suggestions to fix hte issues?

The BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 also have the same network issues about not being able to connect to public hotspots, like iPhone. If you get the connectivity issues on public hotspot on your BB 10 device, try the troubleshoot wizard to solve it.

* From Home screen, swipe down from the top of screen. Tap WiFi, and set from Off to On, and check if the network name displays on the saved networks list
* If it is still not working, it means that the network might be a signal strength issue or is hidden.
* Enable your WiFi network profile.
Swipe down from the top, touch WiFi > Saved, select the network you’re trying to connect to from the list, and change the switcher to On for enabling connections.

Make sure your device’s time is synchronized with the network time.

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