Access engineering (Help Me!) screen on BlackBerry Q10/Z10

Engineering screens are present in the Z10 and Q10 samrtphone. The engineering (Help Me!) screen give you a general wealth of information and many diagnostic tools, including Vendor ID, Platform ID, App Version, Personal Identification Number, IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity), MAC(Media Access Control address), Uptime, wireless Signal Strength with your carrier, Battery Level, available Free File and Total File space on internal memory.

It is easy to access it by pressing the alt, left shift, and H key at the same time for Storm and Pearl users. You might can not find it on the OS 10. @nerdtalker, @N301DQ in and makaveli86(crackberry forums member) has figure out how to access (Help Me!) screen on BlackBerry Q10 and Z10.
* Open the web browser, type escreen:// in the address bar and then tap Go.
* Visit this page, input your related Device PIN, App Version, uptime, and Key Duration.
* Once you’ve done, it will generate a code. Raise the keyboard by use two-finger to swipe up. You should see that your key is ********. Now type the code in the screen that appeared after you input escreen://.

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