Setup custom ringtones and notifications for contacts on BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Q10 comes with the BlackBerry OS 10.1. You might would like to configure custom vibration sequences for your friend, family, boss and play different ringtone so you know who is calling. Don’t worry that. Q10 offers a option to setup assign and custom ringtones and notifications for specific contacts.

* Tap the Contacts icon from home screen.
* Tap to choose one of the contacts you want to set, and tap “Ring Tone and Notifications” option.
* The new setting screen will display three options for Phone Ring Tone, Message Ring Tone and BBM Notification Tone. Enable each of these by changing it from Off to On. Then you are able to choose a tone to use with vibrate or not, but there are a few different ring tones to select out of the box.

One thought on “Setup custom ringtones and notifications for contacts on BlackBerry Q10

  1. Cory

    All the searching I’ve done “after” buying my new Q10 on setting a sms tone for each contact is nothing but a run around. What exactly is “messges” I don’t use bbm or pin messages. I can’t beleive you can’t set a tone for each sms contact. I would never have bought this phone if I would have known that. Rim better have have a fix or solution soon for this HUGE mistake.


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