How to Scan a QR Code on Blackberry Z10

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code), referred to as 2D barcodes, stores useful information such as contact cards, website URLs, or e-mail addresses. You should see those funky little QR bar codes in many things. But how to scan them on your Blackberry Z10 phone?

Z10 does not come with its own QR Code scanner, so you will need to get an app from appworld to reads QR codes with the built-in camera. Here are some of the best QR Code and Barcode Scanner apps for Blackberry Z10.

* QR Barcode Scanner By S4BB Limited
It is BBM Connected application.
Supported barcode formats: Aztec, Code 39/128, Data Matrix, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, QR code, UPC-A, UPC-E.
scans very fast and the UI is clean, but it puts ads in hub.

* QR Scanner By Tobias Rothe
scan the picture of the code by capturing with the camera, without using any network connection.
Recognizing the code is quick, but I can’t find a way to save the info straight to contacts, because it lacks of copy and paste.

* QR Code Scanner Pro – Free By The Jared Company
Only works well with square QR codes that look like the one on the icon. The app can not scan regular UPC product barcodes.

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