Exchange activesync account no longer synchronized with Z10 device

I go to setup my Exchange ActiveSync account on my BlackBerry Z10 to make syncing anything with our corporate Exchange 2003 server. When I type my account information (the username, password, mail server name and domain), it shows error message “Your account is no longer synchronized with your device. Check that your account settings are correct. If they are correct, contact your email service provider.” and “setting and policy stuff”. I open the Hub to view my email account, there is my folders but no mail, contacts, or calendar is syncing. However, I configure the same account on my iPhone and Android phones and everything works fine.

If the Exchange ActiveSync is not staying synchronized with your BB Z10 or Q10 device, try the step by step to sovle the problem.
* Use the online web tool to test your Active Syncing.
Access the and follow the introduction to make a check. After running it, I find that it is lacking an intermediate certificate.
* Make sure a proper and valis SSL certificate is on the SBS2003 server and the port 443 and 80 must be opened.
* I install the latest service pack 2 onto our mail server which is running Windows Server 2003 R2 and reboot the Server, now everything works fine.

One thought on “Exchange activesync account no longer synchronized with Z10 device

  1. GrEgSkI

    I have the same problem and here’s what my co worker found, both of us are the Exchange/BlackBerry admins here, I have a Z10 on Verizon and a Q10 on Sprint, I was getting the OP message on both when activating with my personal accoutn, but then I tried 3 other test accounts and they all just worked and continue to work, so just wanted to share that maybe you will get some clues from the feedback, if you can setup your device with another account it’s worth a shot if for nothing else then to test / prove this theory


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