Cannot Delete Email messages in Hub on BB Z10

I have setup my work emails via Outlook Exchange on my BlackBerry Z10. Today I open Hub and about eight emails message are stuck and I can not open or delete them. They show as unread and as yellow envelopes with the sender and subject below the Hub icon, but others work fine in my work email folder. When I try to click on them or press and hold and tap dustbin icon, nothing hapeens. The problem hapepens three times in 2 months.

How to Delete Email messages on BlackBerry Z10 using one of the methods
* Press and hold on the message in the Hub, and touch “Delete” option from the side bar.
* Go to your email account, select 3 dot (…) on bottom right, Tap “Select more”, hightlight each email lines. press the delete bin at the bottom right and follow the instruction to delete.
* If the above tips are not working at all, you have to do a security wipe with your smartphone until you find an adequate solution or have patch to the 10 software.

One thought on “Cannot Delete Email messages in Hub on BB Z10

  1. Liz

    I don’t know if you fix the problem already, but all I did was delete the account and then add it again. The annoying unread messages were gone!

    Hope it helps!


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