BlackBerry Z10 speaker not working issues

I have used my new phone and everything worked fine since today. When I play any things such as music, ringtones, calls, radio, videos on my BlackBerry Z10, the speaker is not working and I can’t hear any sound. I go to Setting and find everything is all the way up in the volume. However, try using the headset and it works fine. Is there a hardware issues or software bug?

I call the carrier and they let me reboot my phone. I restarte the phone it worked for two hour and then stopped working. I notice that it happens when several messages comes at once and the Z10 try to play tones for all or you are listening music. Try Soft Reset, removing the battery, wipeing the phone, but onthing fix the problem.

It seems like a software issue. I am disappointed with these glitches and the faulty speaker absolutely and finally go to store to replace the device. Are you having the same issues?

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  1. Trupen patel

    I am also facing same problem… loudspeaker not working, and small calling speakers works. What should I do?

    1. saju


      First play music but u will not hear voice, then open the back cover and press above the battery u will here voice again it worked for me it’s software problem I guess.

      1. Vic

        Hi Saju, You are quite correct. remove rear cover (do not remove battery) and below where battery contacts are I found 4 square holes and using a pen I gently pushed down into each hole and my sound came back. It seems it could be a hardware problem IE a “dry joint” in electronics or in laymens language a loose connection. If the sound again disappears i will open phone and find the problem myself because the first time it happened I sent it in for repair and it lasted for a few months. I reckon they did the same. Regards, Vic

  2. james ayuel akuai

    I have problem with my speaker is not working on my black berry z10 when I play music no sound when some one call me no sound

  3. nizam mohd

    yeah me too…….. just 3 bought a week…. no sound at all although all the setting should the way it was and try also the soft reboot… take out the battery and so on… now… anyone now how to solve this…

  4. Cloudberry

    i finally solved it ! after surfing 1 whole day, and been trying to reboot, took out the battery, SIM card, memory card, nothing work ! never use headset nor bluetooth ever. been thinking to wipe it and send it to the provider if the problem persist, but finally !!!

    i found the answer from indonesia blackberry forum. Open the back cover, press the connection buzzer on the back of Z10 right under battery location. while playing the music, so u can find right location to press…oh BB sucks big time! the quality of the hardware is irritating ! lucky my sound back on track now !

    1. Amitabh Ranjan

      THANKS A LOT Cloudberry. Your solution definitely works.

      (pressing down on the area just below the battery near the speaker (not under the battery; below the battery where you can see a small grill for speaker)

    2. Tani

      No idea how the hell this works but it does! ????? Can someone explain to me how it actually makes it work? It’s not even a button! Just pressing around the speakers-area!!!


      1. IK Ezekwelu

        Weird. Really weird. Don’t know what kind of magic this is but it sure hell works. Been using my phone without sound for about 2 months now and just by following the above directive, I HAVE SOUND AGAIN.


    3. Zinga10

      Wow! this pure BB magic. thanks a lot for this. I had the same mind triggering problem but now its over and i have the sound back and booming.
      Thank you so much!

  5. jay-money

    Thanks a lot cloudberry, my Z10 just stopped playing any audio and luckily I found ur solution online and it works, phne is back 2 normal again. Keep up the good work. Anyone know of any tricks for Z10 or a site where I can get it from please.

  6. femi jnr

    Pls I don’t know we’re d buzzer stuff is located I kept on hitting d fone around d speaker area still nothing pls et should I do plssss am confused

  7. Shashou

    Please my z10 doesnt not have any sound at all. I tried what cloundberry wrote , but am still confused. Please help me!!

  8. Kadie

    Just throwing in that I had the same problem too and confirming that pushing the area below the battery above the speaker, does indeed fix it.

  9. Judith Richard

    Where is the Buzzer, I kept pressing around the battery but nothing happens as i experience the same problem pls help…

  10. piaipipiay11

    i have been experiencing the same problem.. my z10 is just a 6 day old. I cant find the buzzer connection and i tried pressing the thing you mentioned and its not working. pls help!

  11. Test

    Did this and it helped me fix. Thanks Cloudberry. First, play an mp3 with high volume even if there’s no sound. Next, remove the battery cover. Without removing the battery, press the ‘buttons’ at the back of the phone. It may seem like it can be pressed. Try pressing the cirlcle thingy or the rectangle thingy until the speaker starts working.

  12. cherry

    i got my z10 10 days having the same problem too…my load speaker is not working…i have pressed near the buzzer many times…but of no use…plz solve my problem..

  13. prima

    It works great after I pressed the grill. Now I can smile again when I see it work well. Thank you..

  14. Sarwar

    The solution that works for me best is to play some audio then firm yet gently hit the back of the z10 (nearer to speaker) using fingers and after a few hits the speaker starts working. Every time! I tried everything I can find on google and nothing worked (so I tried the Clarkson approach.. (UK Top Gear). Sadly the speaker works for a few days then I need to do the same again. I have keystrokes volume turned on so I know when it stops working. For company reasons I have been suffering with Blackberry models for the past 5 years. I’m afraid to say that someone should put Blackberry out of its misery. It’s sad but it’s time. Having dealt with the company and its management I believe there biggest problem is their arrogance.

  15. SFM

    Hi, this problem happenned to me twice.

    I am using bbZ10 model STL100-1 purchased from authourized dealer in Indonesia and I had to send back to the service center TWICE.

    It sucks to have this problem repeated, and RIM does not have the slighest idea how to fix it.

    What a piece of crap

  16. ardi alvianto

    thanks guys. i have same issue like this on my Z10. the speaker does not work . but when i read this i press the speaker on back of my z10 and …… ITS WORK FINE AGAIN. thanks

  17. harbey

    Awesome! It worked like magic. i hit just right below thr battery and voila sound kicked on. Yippee! Blackberry does suck, moving to andriod

  18. apurv


    Thanks a lot it worked for me too.. i hit few times on speaker n suddenly it started working.

    Thanks you guys.

    1. Vinod Kurup

      Hi all… I was facing this issue for the last 3 days and was really frustrated. I am too lucky to read this and tried… My phone started working !!!
      Thank you all who shared the tips.

      Vinod Kurup, Dubai

  19. Saurabh

    Amazing solution for a pathetic hardware with amazing software… Thanks a lot guys. Saved hours of agony in waiting at service centre.

  20. Brainy

    After suffering 5 months on dumb ringtone, music, message tone..e.t.c This Suddenly works like charm .. Thanks for bringing my toy back to life ..

  21. eva

    Worked like Magic. Thanks dude, I’ve been battling this for two weeks. Have never been so happy to hear my ringtone…

  22. Najeeb

    I had the same problem for the past 3 days and was thinking to swipe my BB Z10. i was lucky to read the above threads and got the sound back by pressing the buzzer located below the battery while the music is on.


  23. Ps

    I also founf this problem. I confirm that the way posted can be solved the problem. Many thanks for your shares.

  24. Kelenna

    Yesssss! Finally my speakers work again. Best Solution like others said, play any mp3 and while the song is playing remove the back of cover and press the areas just below the battery. Give it 3secs and you should be smiling.

  25. Christian

    I CALLED B*LLSH*T on the just press the back thingy “buttons , near speaker grills , ALL OVER ” i DID IT FAIL!
    about 20 times failed
    BUT THIS TIME i went serious mode on the back and BAM
    A$AP ROCKY – PMW blasting loud thank you SO fkn much
    THANK YOU it really works guys !

  26. Shannon

    had the same problem but my phone jus vibrated, phoned up 02 and they had told me about this =) happy bunny… only had the phone 4hours

  27. Eduardo Dayrit

    Thank you very much to all you guys. I turned on my media player and put the sound on full blast. Then I started pressing the area below the battery and found the spot where the sound returned!!! Halleuiah!!!
    Poor quality workmanship on the speaker installation.

    1. siddharth

      can you share a pic where is that particular area. i pressed everywhere but of no use.
      thinking of giving it to service centre for repair or exchange

      1. avez

        pressing didnt made sense to me so i just like u hit carrom striker and voilaa.. just one strike all will be working super fyn..thanks all guys for sharig info

  28. jahangir sheikh

    I have pushed this area i m happy that i have got audio sound but still did not ring while a call income to this mobile.not ringing pls help me into this………

  29. juliann

    i broke my fingers pressing and still nothing. can anyone make a picture with area where we should press please? tx

    1. AB

      Julian it works. First call your balckberry from another no. When the phone is ringing press the area below the battery. its start ringing. try it out once again. but remember it works only when the speaker is put to work.

  30. BB!)

    Im really struggling, have been pushing and tapping in and around the battery area to no avail, can someone please post a video or a picture or something to help me out. Ive had this problem for a long time and it is really frustrating.

    1. Juvy S

      I have tried pressing too the area below the battery, in between thwe battery and speaker but to no avail.
      What might be really helpful is a video showing how to properly do it?

  31. Rishi

    a solution so simple, yet so crude for a smartphone. Totally ditching the BB hardware.. THANKS A BUNCH for the post!!

  32. max

    I had this exact same problem for about 5 days.. I tried the proposed solution of pushing and tapping the infamous “buzzer connection” on the back and it didn’t work at all.. tried this many times a day during several days, and nothing.

    I just attempted it again but this time I placed the phone on a vertical position with the cover on, and gently tapped a hard surface with the bottom edge just a few times and to my surprise the sound was back!

    1. Pyfferoen Johan

      This worked also for me: Thanks !
      I just attempted it again but this time I placed the phone on a vertical position with the cover on, and gently tapped a hard surface with the bottom edge just a few times and to my surprise the sound was back!

  33. shino

    Thanks friend same issue on my blackberry Z10 one month used , For past two days i was not able to hear music , alert sound and any ring tones i thought my bb Z10 speaker damaged and i am planning to replace it to bb service center..One of my friend help me out ,he goes through this website and saw the same issue and solutions he told me to play any music on my bb Z10 and he Open the back cover, press the connection buzzer on the back of Z10 right under battery location. while playing the music, so u can find right location to press ..Amazing my speakers works again nice and perfect .. Thanks for my friend rectify my Z10 speaker issue and all the friends here in give perfect solution… God Bless You All…

    1. Jana

      Thank you so muchh.i am so happy.i just bought it within a month ago.and today sound didnot work.your given solution work in one single press.thanks thanks thanks

  34. Sudip

    Viola! I pushed hard on the bottom edge of the battery and the sounds are on!! Quite a struggle I must admit. BlackBerry get you act together. Btw glad to find z10 users here, find me at pin:2AB51CE5. Ciao!

  35. TheZer0

    It’s working…i would like to share my explanation here…first open the cover…then play the music of Heavy METAL…hahahaha….after that i highly reccommended that u “HIT” gently by ur point finger slightly above the speaker grill and slightly below ur battery…u will see the the battery sign +tive and -tive…hit below that areas…few times…believe me its damn working…if still happen do the same thing…it is nit a software bug or problem at all…maybe it is from the complex design of BBz10 itself….anyway thanks guys hav a Good Day Ahead!!! Enjoi the Musics!!!

  36. Javiermpk

    I was about to slam my z10 to a wall!!… tried a lot of times… finally worked by hiting the area of the battery… try it, it worked for me! , bye!!

  37. Umba

    Thanks a lot! Saved my wife’s Z10! No way to replace through operator since I bought it in the States and use it in Argentina. Thanks again

  38. jimmy sama

    Yeah it worked….just open the back cover…while the music is playing without sound,press the side of the battery with the -+ sign..the sound comes on back…whew..

  39. Gabriel

    What the f***???????

    I was desperately looking for a solution. Suddenly, Cloudberry came with something weird, and, suddenly, it worked!!! I’ve got my Z10 back… What I think it even stranger is because we are facing the same issue at practicaly the same time… Have you guys thought about it?

    Thanks a lot, dude,
    Cheers from Brazil!!!!

  40. Brian

    Thanks for the help…. It worked…. I didn’t even have to remove the back cover. I just squeezed the phone between my thumb and index finger a couple of times and voila…. Could this be an engineering or workmanship flaw? BTW my phone is only a few weeks old.

  41. bisola

    I’ve had a similar issue. Noticed calls weren’t ringing out and speakerphone was not working. The phone didn’t fall or anything. Took several tries but the suggestion worked.

  42. Dray

    OK so what I did was place a very thin 1/16 of an inch piece of sticky stuff from a (Chair) bottom replacement actually the film that goes around the round chair bottoms, on the inside of the cover in the area mentioned below the batt and it works perfectly. This way you dont need to fix again and again. This is a design flaw for sure, you could actually use a small bandaid as well i believe in the inside of the cover at the bottom to get the same fix. I am so happy to find this fix on this site!

  43. Cindy

    My Z10 is only 4 weeks old and I also had the problem with the sound. I’m happy to say the suggestion works. I have sound, thank you!!!

  44. nithiraj

    thanks dude its work fine for me. keep posting these types of solution for any problem u face in the device

  45. Forrest Anderson

    Thanks for the help. My Z10 was acting up with no sound at all. Alarm Clock…Videos…notifications are all working again. Appreciate the help but this issue needs to be addressed by Blackberry.

  46. Eric

    i had this on my z10 previously as well. This morning a similar thing just happened on Z30. The Z30 doesn’t really have anything to “press” behind the battery door however after prying off the door a couple times the speaker sound did come back so the issue and fix seems to be still present in the z30 as well. cheers

  47. Johan - South Africa

    Thanks. This helped me too! Thanks!

    One comment: I CANNOT Believe it. It’s been a year since I Got my z10 and BlackBerry Still has not resolved this. Must be hardware. BlackBerry just lost a diehard loyal customer. Samsung when I upgrade…

  48. BinShea

    could you please attache a picture for the area and how log I press this area?

    I apprciate your help.


      just below battery you will see a small perforated holes gril of speaker. gently tap on it while playnig music. ( hold battery with your fingures. it will definately work.

  49. mspiderw

    Amazing! Got mine to work on the first try. Even after all this time you would think problems like this would be fixed by now.

  50. anirudh

    Hey ppl !
    I just unboxed my bb z10 and started it up.. for my surprise.. the speakers were not working whatsoever.. then i tried this trick and it really worked.
    My question is..
    Is this a temporary fix??
    should I get my phone replaced?

  51. SJ

    What a Bullshit it is..
    I follow the instruction and work fine for the first time but after two days having a same problem with no sound and this time it is not working. BLACKBERRY You made me sick this time.

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