Adobe flash player for blackberry z10 download

I am unable to watch videos on youtube and flv file within some websites on blackberry z10. I have the issues because of I need to upgraded to Flash player 11 version. Is ther a solution to fix this or upgrade my flash player myself. I don’t want to do a security wipe to fresh my device.

The Blackberry Z10 phone is the ability to play Flash using the browser app, so you don’t need to download Adobe flash player. However, Flash is disabled by default and the only thing is to turn the feature on.

How to Enable Flash player on Blackberry Z10
* Tap on the Browser app from home screen.
* There is the three dots at the bottom right of the screen. Tap on it and then tap Settings.
* Tap Display and Actions, and then turn Adobe Flash from Off to On. Without having to close the browser app and reopen it, you are able to view and play flash video.

4 thoughts on “Adobe flash player for blackberry z10 download

  1. Maria Lung

    Your explanation of how to get Adobe Flash Player 11 for the BlackBerry Z10 in order to do streaming and to view videos really helps. Thank you much! Maria

  2. mateo moralde

    even the flash is open I cant stiill view vedio..and also the vedio that uploaded to facebook dont open or play and download


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