How to remove facebook contacts from blackberry z10

You might have setup a Facebook account on your blackberry z10. If you don’t really use Facebook contacts on your device, try the pretty simple process to remove facebook contacts from the BlackBerry Z10 contacts app but still keep the Facebook app active on your phone as well as in the BlackBerry Hub.

* From home screen, Tap on the contacts icon to start the app.
* Swipe down from the top to screen and tap on the Settings icon.
* You will see a listing of all the apps using and pulling in contacts in the app, such as BBM Contacts, BBM Video, Facebook, Twitter and Outlook. Now pull the Facebook slider over from ON position to the “Off”.

Once completed, the Facebook has been deleted in contacts app. Now you will no longer see any of its contacts you once had listed.

One thought on “How to remove facebook contacts from blackberry z10

  1. David

    Too bad this article is completely inaccurate, and the Z10 will NOT stop displaying facebook contacts without uninstalling the app on the phone. The Z10 will AUTOMATICALLY (regardless of any setting changes, etc) turn the facebook contacts back on. All. By. Itself. According to all research I have done, no one, inclouding BB, has a fix for this short of uninstalling Facebook.


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