How to export sms messages from blackberry Z10

I am working on a law proceeding and need to use text (SMS) messages as evidence. Without email them to myself one by one, I need a cleaner solution to export all messages from my blackberry Z10. I wouldd like to know if this is possible on 10 OS.

You can export sms messages from blackberry Z10 by doing a backup or using a 3rd party program.
* Use blackberry link to have a ipd backup file on your computer.
Install and run a free program ipddump or Blackberry database reader to convert ipd files and then extract the SMSs.
* Exporter by Canada Inc in app world also has the feature to export
selected or all texts from many apps, such as email, text, BBM, BBM group, note, NFC, Facebook, Remember, and clipboard app. It will archive them into your file system, SD card, a cloud storage
account like box, or any other persistent storage.

Works great on my blackberry Z10 phone. Hope Exporter app could made a space between each text for readingeasier.

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