How To enable Bedside Mode On BlackBerry Z10

With Bedside Mode, you are able to charge your BlackBerry Z10 device over night and remain it on without making any noise or flashing any lights.

How To Enable Bedside Mode on BlackBerry Z10 phone
* Tap the clock icon on the main screen to open the clock app.
* Swipe down from the top of the screen. A menu including help, bedside mode and clock setting options will be bring down. * Tap on “bedside mode” to enable the feature.
* Now the clock turn into “red” mode and any sound and led notifications are turned off.
* You can also enter Bedside Mode by the blank Lock screen. While your Z10 is on lock screen (a swipe up), there is a icon looking like a little bed on the top of screen. Smiply press it to put your BlackBerry Z10 into bedside mode.

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