Fix Blackberry Z10 Camera Not Working issue

I have a Blackberry Z10 smartphone and everything works fine except for Camera. Everytime I try to launch the camera application from homt screen, it sits there for a few seconds then tells the error message: “Could not launch camera application, close other applications and then try again.” Go to close other applications but the camera won’t start. How can I solve the problem?

This Blackberry Z10 Camera Not Working issue is caused by one of the following:
* Too many open applications are running on your BlackBerry smartphone.
Shut down Z10 and take out the battery for 30 seconds and then put it back. That will fix the issues.
* There is a physical problem with the integrated camera.
If you dropped it too much times on the floor or hit something hardly, the wire inside will be broken and the camera also stopped working. You’d better contact the provider for further assistance.

4 thoughts on “Fix Blackberry Z10 Camera Not Working issue

  1. deep chandra sati

    My new blackberry z10 camera is not working since its first day, sometime it start working & sometime shows not started

  2. chaya lasson

    my camera on blackberry z10 stopped working as well late may. I have tried every update and nothing has helped.

  3. Vall

    Same here. I was kind of surprise , brand news z10. Here what I did.
    1- de-encrypted my phone and SD card.
    2- restored the phone at it original state
    3-re-sync my stuff except some useless app like mapping app that takes all the storage capacity.
    Then it Benn working fine since this restore.
    I believed an major update is due for Dec. 2014. This might fix this issue…


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