Z10 LED Light not working/flashing issues

After go into Setting and make some changes around the notification settings on my BlackBerry Z10 phone, the LED Indicator light stop working. Everytime I have new text messages or email, the light does not flash anymore. But I have enabled the feature in my settings. Any suggestions?

How to fix Z10 LED Light not working/flashing issues
* Doing a reboot. Hold down your power button and press reset.
* Check in the Clock and make sure you are not in Bedside Mode.
* If it’s still not working, remove and replace the battery of BlackBerry Z10. Smiply pull the battery out, waited 30 seconds and slapped it back in? the Red LED light will come on while you slap the battery back in Z10 phone.

One thought on “Z10 LED Light not working/flashing issues

  1. Dani

    I have a blackberry z10, when it rings the LED light begins to glow but just when the screen locks automatically, the notification light disappears and I don’t know if I have any notifications :((


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