How to transfer ringtones from old OS5/6/7 to BlackBerry Z10

I have used old BlackBerry 8700 with a few custom ringtones for a year. now I get a new BlackBerry Z10 phone and would like to have them on the new phone. How can I add or transfer the ring tones from old OS5/6/7 onto my Z10 or Q10 device.

If you have download the custom ringtones to the “music” section instead of the “ringtones”, you can try using bluetooth. First make your bb 8310 to be paired with your Z10. then go to the song, open options and tap send using bluetooth.

The BB 8800’s all the preloaded ringtones are locating at device memory/samples/ringtones folder. You can use a transflash memory card or the desktop Link’s media manager to add them onto your BlackBerry Z10.

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