How to mute blackberry Z10 quickly

I have used a blackberry Z10 phone for working. I often take Z10 to a meeting. My iPhone has a special button on the side and I am able to quickly slide it down to mute. I go into Setting of BB 10 and can’t find any option or such a button on the phone to mute quickly prior to a meeting or during a meeting.

Keep pressing the lower volume key on blackberry Z10 all the way down until it goes to MUTE at all. It will shows sound off and
then shows ringer off. To get the sound back on, just tap Higher volume key.

The logical methods:
* Push and hold to go to zero, then push once more to mute.
* Swipe from top bezel to pull down the settings Menu, and then push the icon next to “Notifications” to toggle to silent mode.

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