How to block unwanted phone number on BlackBerry Z10

I am new to the BB and would like to block some incoming phone numbers. Is it possible to do on my new Z10? How do I block a specific phone number from calling me on Blackberry Z10 Smartphone? And if can, how to set up? Any advance?

You need to select a specific phone line first if there are multiple phone lines or BlackBerry Mobile Voice System running.
* Within the Phone app, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap Setting icon, and go to “Call Blocking” option.
* Turn the switches to On to enable the Block calls feature. The app will prompte you to create a password to lock your call blocking settings.

You can also search “Mr. Number Call Blocker” or “Junk Call Blocker” in AppWorld to install on your device. The smart application allows you to select specific phone numbers to block.

3 thoughts on “How to block unwanted phone number on BlackBerry Z10

  1. Bobby D

    No this feature is for Blocking all your calls!!!!
    There are no Blackberry OS 10 Apps that feature Call Blocking or Call Dropping.


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