Change LED notification colors on BlackBerry Z10

While the LED on the top of BlackBerry device flashes, you can see different statuses indicated with different colors. I am able to change the LED color for ring tones, message notifications on BlackBerry Curve 9310/9315/9320. However, I can’t figure out how to chang the colour of led lights with my BlackBerry Z10 phone with app?

* Color ID app is what you are looking for, but it doesn’t work on BB10 OS. The app will be available for BB10 devices.
* Nice QC installs but it isn’t usable.
* If BB10 phones come with capable of changing lights colors, that would be awesome feature. Hope Blackberry would have built-in this option.

Update: Color Led Message by Toysoft Development Inc allows you to customize Led color of many things, such as incoming call, sms, email, email accounts, FaceBook/Twitter social account. And also works while the phone has no network signal, ringtone with repeating and vibrate.

3 thoughts on “Change LED notification colors on BlackBerry Z10

  1. mag

    how the hell bb makes me pay for an app to make a hardware option that i have already paid for to work? !!! This is totally nonsense


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